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Staff Self-Help Resources 

Technology Support Services

Users can access Technology Support Services (https://intranet.bcps.org/offices/csc/services.html) (Figure 1)

Topics: Active Directory

  • BCPS Serve
  • Computer Security
  • Device Loan and Use Agreement
  • Inventory Standards
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Printer Hardware
  • Technology Purchasing
  • Telecommunication Policy
  • Telephones
  • VPN – BCPS Network at Home
  • Remote Support Resources

Technology Support Services
Figure 1

Technology Liaison Program Page

Additionally, there are many resources available on the Technology Liaison Program Intranet Page (https://intranet.bcps.org/offices/oit/COL.htm) (Figure 2)

Technology Liaison Program Page
Figure 2

Innovation Hub

Staff can also access the Innovation Hub (https://innovationhub.bcps.org/) (Figure 3) for information on:

Topics: The Blended Learning Classroom

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Professional Learning

Innovation Hub
Figure 3

Schoology Help for Teachers

A. Schoology Group – Schoology Professional Learning in BCPS

Users can access this group to access resources for Schoology (Figure 4)

Schoology Help for Teachers
Figure 4

B. Schoology Self-Help

Users can access Schoology’s online support: support.schoology.com (Figure 5)

Schoology Self-Help
Figure 5

C. Schoology Distance Learning Resources

Schoology has provided resources for use in distance learning situations. (Figure 6)  Users can access this site for assistance: Schoology.com/prepare/get-started

Schoology Distance Learning Resources
Figure 6