Chromebook Wi-Fi Connection

When used off the BCPS network users must connect to a public or private network to use a Chromebook. Users that have already signed into a specific Chromebook can log in without connecting to a wireless network. Functionality will be very limited.

  1. Restart the Chromebook if needed.
  2. When off network the following screen will appear to indicate that no network is available. Note the different icons for “open” vs. “Private” networks. Touch the name of the network that you wish to connect to.

  3. If connecting to a private network, the password will need to be provided (1). The shown default Security setting (PSK (WPA or RSN)) (2) should be enough. There are other choices if home routers are set up differently. Finally click Connect (3) to access the wireless.

  4. Log into the Chromebook with your BCPS username and password.

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