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Google Meet for BCPS Learning at Home for Parents & Students

Google has recently updated its Meet platform in response to customer requests and the unprecedented online instruction that is now happening around the globe. Because of this, there is a slight change to how students will access Meet sessions. Students can join a class Meet in 3 ways.

  1. Students with computer access will join a class Meet using the teacher created session nickname using the chrome browser.

  2. Students can download the Meet app onto a smartphone and join the Meet using the teacher created session nickname.

  3. If needed, teachers will call the students directly from the Meet session
Joining the Google Meet Session
  1. Open the Chrome browser and go to https://meet.google.com. Be sure to be logged into the Chrome browser with your BCPS credentials. Click the Join or start a meeting button.
  2. image
  1. Enter the nickname provided by the teacher for the session and click Continue. As long as the student is logged in with the BCPS credentials, they will join the meeting.
  2. image
  1. Remember that students MUST enter the session with their BCPS Credentials.
  2. image

    If there is an icon or avatar, like below, click it (1) to reveal the account that is connected. If it is NOT a BCPS account, click Switch Account (2).


    The graphic below shows a BCPS account is signed in.


    After ensuring that the student is logged in with their BCPS account they click the Use a meeting code button.

For Students that Only Have Dial Phone Access
  1. For students that can only participate over a dial up phone, teachers will utilize the call feature in Meet.

  2. Provide the teacher with a good phone number that the student can be reached during planned sessions.

  3. The phone will ring, and the caller displayed may say Hangouts Meet OR just be an unknown number. They should answer the phone at the appropriate time.

  4. Note that the teacher CAN mute the students on the phone. The student CAN unmute by pressing *6. The teacher CANNOT unmute students on the phone.